Who, what, why, where?

Comfit was formed in 2011 due to strong interest and our truffles quickly gained appreciation from anyone who had the chance to try them. Encouraged and supported by a growing group of patrons and truffle enthusiasts, it was just a matter of time for our unique chocolate treats to become well known around town. And this is how Comfit Truffles was born.


The word comfit originates from Latin, Old French and Old English, having the meaning of "a candy containing a nut or piece of fruit."

Comfit ['kΔmfΙt, 'kαm-']: n. a sugar-coated sweet containing a nut or seed

Electrify your Palate, indeed

Comfit Truffles are individually hand-crafted and packaged. Each truffle is made from the finest European chocolates, freshly roasted premium nuts, and carefully selected fruits, spices, and other secret  ingredients. The entire Comfit Truffles line is created from original and unique recipes, developed and tested by ourselves. This guarantees that your gustation will be challenged with something new!

What it comes down to

We are perfectionists. We take our Comfit truffles seriously. We set the benchmark very high for ourselves and care about every single ingredient and design detail that goes into our production. We never overlook the details. We know this ethos is not the easy way but it's honest, down to earth and real. We hope by thinking like this we'll make a small dent in the world and give you the choice to taste and enjoy a unique line of chocolate truffles, hand-crafted by artisans and true enthusiasts.