Coffee Truffle

The Coffee Truffle

Chocolate biscotti dipped in coffee meets a creamy airiness.

Do you like the taste of coffee infused into various sweets, particularly chocolate? If so, this truffle is going to awaken your coffee-craving palate like nothing you have tried before.

Let's dig deeper...

The Coffee Truffle is an intricate, multilayered bonbon, round in form, and glazed in glossy chocolate. This outer layer is barely holding the flavor-packed essence of the truffle, which after your first bite will undoubtedly bring pleasure to your taste buds. This delicious mixture is comprised of lush white chocolate, generously infused with ground-to-dust coffee beans, whipped and crafted following Diliana's secret technique of accomplishing an airy texture. All throughout there are sections of crushed wafers and walnuts, which add a biscotti-like feel, complimenting the creaminess of the rest of the truffle.

Dimensions and weight

Each truffle has the Comfit  standard size of 1.5 inches in diameter
and weighs 23 grams.

Stuff we put into this beauty

Every Comfit truffle is hadnmade with only carefully prepared ingredients, such as freshly roasted nuts, and handpicked types of premium cocoas and chocolates.

Coffee Truffle Ingredients:

premium white chocolate
whole milk
organic eggs
unsalted butter
roasted walnuts
ground coffee beans
crushed wafers