Mint Chocolate Truffle

The Mint Chocolate Truffle

A chocolate trifecta gone minty-fresh...

The combination of mint and dark chocolate is a stalwart presence in any chocolatier's assortment of products. Comfit abides by these unwritten rules but as it is customary for our take on things, we offer a variation in a unique and much more elaborate and exciting way.

Let's dig deeper...

The Mint Chocolate Truffle is designed and created to combine a diverse medley of smooth chocolates fused together with the elegant and subtle, yet unmistakable aroma and flavor of mint. And boy, does it deliver... Glazed in dark chocolate, this round bonbon consists of a smooth and delicious combo of dark and natural chocolate, mixed with just a hint of Creme de Menthe. The core of the truffle is where the rest of the mint is waiting to tantilize your palate. This center layer is housed by creamy white chocolate which truly adds to the complexity of the Mint Chocolate truffle.

Dimensions and weight

Each truffle has the Comfit  standard size of 1.5 inches in diameter
and weighs 23 grams.

Stuff we put into this beauty

Every Comfit truffle is hadnmade with only carefully prepared ingredients, such as freshly roasted nuts, and handpicked types of premium cocoas and chocolates.

Mint Chocolate Truffle Ingredients:

premium dark chocolate
premium natural chocolate
premium white chocolate
whole milk
organic eggs
unsalted butter
Creme de Menthe
mint extract
possbile nuts residue