Peanut Butter Truffle

The Peanut Butter Truffle

Elvis would have gone crazy over this one...

The chocolate & peanut butter combination is a well-loved one-two punch of flavors. Our take on this tasty mix makes it that much more special. Comfit's smooth rich chocolate blends into the creamy peanut butter and there is a surprise twist in the center of the truffle.

Let's dig deeper...

The Peanut Butter Truffle is a round bonbon, glazed in a glossy layer of soothing, soft premium chocolate. Beneath is where the going gets good. A generous serving of creamy peanut butter is mixed with oats, creating a unique texture. But there is more! The core of the truffle is comprised of a complex fusion of roasted peanuts, honey and cocoa, giving the Peanut Butter truffle that typical Comfit complexity and elegnace.

Dimensions and weight

Each truffle has the Comfit  standard size of 1.5 inches in diameter
and weighs 23 grams.

Stuff we put into this beauty

Every Comfit truffle is hadnmade with only carefully prepared ingredients, such as freshly roasted nuts, and handpicked types of premium cocoas and chocolates.

Peanut Butter Truffle Ingredients:

premium natural chocolate
premium natural cocoa
organic corn syrup
unsalted butter
peanut butter
roasted peanuts
organic oats