Raspberry Truffle

The Raspberry Truffle

A beautiful chocolate cube*, loaded with explosive smoothness...

For the chocolate enthusiasts, this truffle is a godsend. Three separate textures, entwined in richness and elegance, combine to produce a complex flavor, making you savour each bite.

Let's dig deeper...

The Raspberry truffle immediately stands out from all other Comfit truffles, due to its different shape. It resembles a cube, glazed with a layer of thick and smooth German chocolate coating. The interior of the truffle is shared by two soft textures: a handmade chocolate mousse and a dreamy sweet concoction of raspberries, dark cocoa, and select spices. All these tiers comprise a truffle, unmatched in intricacy and taste.

Dimensions and weight

As all Comfit  truffles, the Raspberry truffle has a standard weight of 23 grams. Geometrically, it is a rectangular parallelepiped. however, this is truly a mouthful of a name, so let's call it a delicious cube* of chocolate. Dimensions are 1 inch in height, and 1.5 inches in width and depth.

Stuff we put into this beauty

Every Comfit truffle is hadnmade with only carefully prepared ingredients, such as freshly roasted nuts, and handpicked types of premium cocoas and chocolates.

Raspberry Truffle Ingredients:

premium dark chocolate
whole milk
unsalted butter
possbile nuts residue